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Affordable Apartments in Brighton, CO

Since the 1980s, Vernon Park Apartments in Brighton, CO, has provided quality housing options at affordable prices. Join a welcoming community and professional staff by choosing us. Our apartment complex maintenance staff works around the clock to keep everything in order. You’ll meet friends, live comfortably, and be among the community here. 

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Affordable Housing Options

It’s difficult to find a quality place to live that doesn’t break the bank. We try to offer the best variety of amenities and services available to the residents of our apartments. If you’re on a budget, our apartment complex is a superb choice. Here, you’ll be provided great service, inexpensive living, and a community feel. 

Community Comfort

Affordable housing doesn't have to come at the sacrifice of comfort. At the Vernon Park Apartments, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a community of other people, places, and events. You’ll meet other like-minded individuals that are your new neighbors. Located a few minutes from colleges, schools, parks, and airports, our apartment complex will place you near everything you need.


If you’re seeking accommodations as a senior citizen or as someone with a disability, we offer accommodations for you. Many of our current residents sought us out because they fall into the same category. Examples of these accommodations include handicap entrances, a smoke-free campus, pet accommodations, and more. 

Book Your Apartment Tour

Call Vernon Park Apartments today to ask about living in our affordable apartment complex. Our friendly staff will answer questions you may have about the property or questions about our property management company. Our apartment rental agency strives to meet our residents’ needs through accommodating requests and disabilities, and we hope you will trust us to be your new home. 

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